Why Choose Arenui?

  • A truly boutique liveaboard, with attention to detail and personal service

  • Diving the best of Indonesia, including key hotspots Komodo and Raja Ampat

  • High quality, high standards and a long-term approach to developing a reputable liveaboard diving business

  • Only 8 cabins, so 16 guests, served by 22 professional and friendly crew members

  • Mouth-watering meals from full breakfast and buffet lunch to a-la-carte 3 course dinner, plus delicious snacks in between

  • Arenui combines the adventure of diving with relaxation and pampering of spa and massage, in a beautiful setting

  • Diving with knowledgeable guides in small groups (2 western cruise directors, 3 local dive guides)

  • In Komodo (now one of the new 7 wonders of nature), expect exhilarating drift diving, pelagics as well as critters, hot and warm water and even dive in the shadow of an underwater volcano

  • Alor (best kept secret in diving), offers unexplored coral gardens and untouched reefs, rhinopias, anemones and many unusual critters, plus an active volcano which erupts every 30 mins

  • In Maluku, explore a reef teeming with hundreds of sea-snakes and look out for incredibly rare critters (if lucky, the psychedelic frogfish) and dive one of deepest seas in the world (Banda)

  • Raja Ampat is the epicentre for biodiversity, at the centre of the Coral Triangle, home to the most colourful, pristine and photogenic soft coral reefs, as well as walking sharks, mantas and pygmies

  • Take out one of the kayaks to see the islands up close

  • Visit local villages and meet a living dinosaur (Komodo dragon)

  • There's so much to see in Indonesia, underwater and on land, that one trip will never be enough!

  • The Boutique Liveaboard

    To live up to our motto of being "The Boutique Liveaboard", attention has been given to every aspect of the Arenui to ensure that it fully embodies our philosophy of providing a unique dive holiday experience. We aim to provide the best there is in terms of diving and leisure activities, without sacrificing any of the comforts and luxury you would expect to get from a 5 star hotel on land.

    Dive with us throughout Indonesia, the world's no. 1 spot for biodiversity, including Komodo, Alor, Maluku, Raja Ampat and beyond! Then unwind with our professional massage and spa treatments, enjoy delicious fresh meals and rest in luxury accommodation.

    Our photogenic vessel is a traditional and magnificent Phinisi, a classic Indonesian wooden sailing vessel, set to explore the majestic underwater world of the Indonesian archipelago. Intimate but roomy, the Arenui is an exquisite ship and a work of art in itself with its wooden detailing and decorative touches. Moreover, it aims to differentiate itself from other liveaboards by providing personalized accommodation, services and facilities.

    Luxuriate in exceptionally spacious cabins, tastefully furnished with exquisite handicrafts from each of the Indonesian provinces. Rest easy knowing our vessel uses 70% recycled wood. Relax in our indoor restaurant or enjoy the view from our fabulous skydeck.

    Arenui believes that, even when sailing around remote islands, there's no reason to forego fine dining! After all, a relaxing meal prepared with care and style is the best way to remain full of energy for the next dive! Rather than the typical dive liveaboard buffets, you will be able to choose from our daily a-la-carte menus.

    When it comes to the dive itineraries, the Arenui has chosen the best dive sites and the best times of year to explore these world famous destinations. Whether its nudibranchs and rhinopias you're after, or manta rays and schooling fish, our cruises have it all.

    Our 3 Indonesian divemasters (Wawan, Ronald and Ungke) are rated amongst the most knowledgeable in the region. The whole operation is led by our 4 highly experienced western cruise directors, Jerry and Debbie plus Lisa and G (who rotate 2 on the boat and 2 coordinating logistics from the Bali office).

    With 22 crew serving a maximum of 16 guests, we aim to make your cruise a truly relaxing and first-class experience!

    ARENUI: Diving cruises without the hardship!


    12 Jul 2015: Tam and Monty, UK

    A totally brilliant, restful and exciting experience. So, so well organized - everything worked perfectly. Thank you for a wonderful trip, you have a fantastic crew and directors. Boat: Really so comfortable, clean and well thought out. Loved all the little areas for you to nap in! Diving: Really beautiful area and outstanding muck diving. Crew: Every need was catered for with a smile - very courteous and friendly. Food: Lovely food and masses of it. Thanks for catering for a vegetarian too.

    4 Feb 2015: Cheryl, USA

    I've been on many liveaboards and this is by far the BEST. In all regards this trip surpassed all others in great food, comfy beds, fantastic diving and wonderful crew. A+

    22 Jan 2015: John, USA

    There should be a beyond excellent option because excellent is a huge understatement!

    12 Jul 2015: Juan, USA

    Everything was excellent guys! We hope to dive with you again - Raja Ampat? Muchisimas Gracias! Boat: Wonderful accommodation, very nice makeover. Diving: Superb - Terrific job by all staff. Tenders are well run. Crew: Lovely Crew, excellent and attentive service. Very well run boat by directors and captain. Food: Well managed and very well prepared.

    4 Feb 2015: Nancy, USA

    The Arenui is everything and more than we imagined. We can't wait to come back. The entire crew are awesome!

    22 Jan 2015: Flip, USA

    Truly a 'trip of a lifetime'!

    22 Jan 2015: Kristen, USA

    Incredible in every aspect! I've been doing liveaboards for 7 years and this is on another level as far as hospitality, knowledge of dive sites and area, genuine enthusiasm to share all the sites! Meals, rooms, facilities all incredible. Wonderful people on staff that truly made this my top trip. Diving: best part of trip of course and incredible. Food: amazing meals and flavours!

    11 Sep 2014: Pat, USA

    Wonderful experience - best dive boat I've ever been on! 1st class operation.

    6 Jun 2015: Caryn and Ed, USA

    The kindness and attentiveness of the staff was second to none. From day one the staff were calling us by our first names - so warm and friendly and helpful. Especially enjoyed the dry towels and hot warm wash cloths and hot chocolate when coming back from the night dives.

    4 Feb 2015: Ann, USA

    I had very high expectations and they were met and exceeded!

    1 Sep 2014: Jill, USA

    This trip was my most enjoyable in 5 years of diving liveaboards. The service from the entire crew was excellent. I especially like the personal attention from the waiters, the tender crew, the guys that helped me pull on and off my wetsuit and especially my wonderful dive guide Wawan. I would like to thank the chef and kitchen crew for surprising me with a beautiful fruit sculpture to celebrate my 200th dive. It was unexpected and greatly appreciated and I will always remember this trip fondly ...

    4 Feb 2015: Joe, USA

    Overall, the boat is fabulous. It's as good as the website.

    4 Feb 2015: Phillip, USA

    Thanks guys for an unforgettable trip.

    31 March 2013: Andrea Marshall (Queen of Mantas), USA

    I have been researching giant mantas all over the globe for the last decade. Our dives at Blue Magic rate in my top 10 sites and certainly are some of my most memorable ever. It is wonderful to see such a healthy population of giant mantas in Indonesia and a team that is so keen to protect them! By far the best dive boat I have ever been on in my 22 year diving career; wonderful and top class. Marvelous crew; real attention to detail and friendly smiling faces every day! The food; going home fat!

    22 Jan 2015: Michael, USA

    Met and exceeded my expectations. This will be one that will be difficult to top!! What an incredible experience! Loved all of it and the crew was amazing!!!

    4 Aug 2014: Dave, USA

    Second trip to this area. After more than 6,000 dives globally this is the best diving in the world. We plan on returning and bring a boat load of friends with us!

    19 Aug 2014: Marylin, USA

    I came for the photography which was outstanding and was more than pleased with the entire trip.

    7 July 2014: Terrie, USA

    Still the #1 top notch operation as far as I'm concerned!

    27 Sep 2014: Dan, USA

    Happy to report that you have maintained the same high standards! Another perfect trip!!

    1 Sep 2014: Caryl, USA

    The best dive experience for a beginner in the field. Although I am not a certified diver, the Arenui crew was very accommodating and gave me a snorkel adventure with the manta rays that was the adventure of a lifetime. Wow!

    11 Sep 2014: Jerry, USA

    After 3+ decades of diving around the world and many many liveaboards and destinations this was the unqualified BEST. Best in every catogory and a great vessel , crew, food, dive sites and the most fun departure party ever. Will definitily try to come back in 2017.

    18 May 2014: Aaron and Heather, USA

    This was a truly life changing experience for us, we thank you for all of your hard work to make this such a special trip.

    31 March 2014: Susan, USA

    Arenui has defined luxury diving for me! I will be back. After reading the website my expectation was very high and yet it still exceeded my expectation. I needed some extra help with my dive entry and had help with every dive. Thank you!!

    9 Jan 2015: Eric, USA

    The instructors were great and I learned a lot about diving and the marine life from them. It helped me become a much better diver. I saw everything and more that I hoped to see.

    7 July 2014: Corey, USA

    Best dive trip yet, by a long shot! On one of our dives at a site called El Toro we were looking to find pink pygmy seahorses. Following our trip to their seafan home two mantas passed by us. From the smallest, most fragile creature to the largest most majestic!

    16 April 2014: Reiko, Japan

    It was my second time on Arenui and again fantastic trip. All crew are very smiley and helpful. Love to come onboard again in near future! The diving; love variety of dive sites from Sorong to Ambon completely different dive style. The crew; excellent everybody! Smiley and very helpful.

    29 August 2013: Tracy, USA

    We arrived with high expectations which only grew during the initial briefing. The crew met and exceeded every expectation, hope and request. Thank you, Arenui team, for making this a most special treat. This was our 10th trip to Indonesia, six of them on liveaboards and was, most assuredly, the best.

    31 March 2014: Jeanne, USA

    All staff, at all times was willing to help with any issues / needs. Dive guide went above and beyond locating critters and taking care of us. Highly recommended. Great time! Thank you! Boat; things are well organized. The crew; don't change a thing!

    22 Jan 2015: Maria, USA

    Best boat ever.

    31 March 2013: Steve and Ann, USA

    Number 1 liveaboard: The most gorgeous ship. Lovely crew and dive staff. Debbie and Jerry are awesome.

    29 August 2013: Jessica, USA

    This is our second trip aboard the Arenui and we love it more and more every time. To the wonderful crew, fantastic dive sites, amazing food and an overall great time with new and old friends, it will always be unforgotten memories. It is always sad to say goodbye but we always know that there will be another Arenui trip in our near future. I clocked my 100th dive on this trip to Komodo and nothing but the best dive - mantas! And I saw my first seahorse ever. Thank you Arenui team for another memorable experience.

    28 May 2014: Jian, USA

    I'd recommend Arenui to the divers in my home town. Enjoyed every moment on the boat and underwater. After being pampered like this, the bar of my expectation will be very high and not sure if I can find a vessel to compete with Arenui.

    31 March 2013: Kathy, Canada

    We booked this particular trip in hopes of seeing giant mantas close up. This wish was more than realized with multiple dives that brought us face to face with these gentle giants of the deep. I will never forget the feelings of awe and wonder as they slowly swam just over our heads to lazily hover at the cleaning stations. Mantastic! I'm in love!

    31 March 2014: Bob, USA

    "We shall return" to paraphrase MacArthur. Lovely boat, spacious, comfortable and classic style. The diving; extraordinary, loved the mantas and the nudis.

    5 July 2013: Al and Melanie, USA

    The entire crew is over the top. They have raised the bar as far as taking care of their guests. I have been on lots of liveaboards and hands down this was the best. The boat was so different from all the other boats we have been on before. We really enjoyed the uniqueness.

    16 May 2013: Josef and Petra, Germany

    Don't change anything!

    29 Aug 2013: Alex and Jennifer, USA

    As first time divers in Asia Pacific I feel we made an absolutely perfect choice booking with the Arenui! We asked around, read the reviews and couldn't find a reason to book anywhere else and it's clear we made the right choice. The beauty, the service, the experience from beginning to end is one we will never forget! It's also the reason we've already booked our next trip on the Arenui. Thank you so much for an absolutely first class experience.

    25 June 2013: Sharyn, Singapore

    This is my first liveaboard and I think I am definitely spoilt. The food is better than any high class restaurant. It has many varieties and I never got hungry. It is definitely the best liveaboard ever! Even though it's my first, if I had a choice I would choose Arenui without a doubt! Wonderful experience. The boat; everything is just perfect!!! The diving; saw too many things for me to take it all in! The crew; simply awesome!

    25 June 2013: Hilaire, USA

    With an over 30% return rate you are obviously doing most everything right. Congrats!

    25 June 2013: Szilvia, USA

    There are several dive destinations in the world, but one of the most spectacular adventures is right here on the Arenui, in Indonesia. My 'normal' day onboard would start with yoga on the sky lounge. After fresh fruits and coffee, go for an ocean swim on the reefs, then a dive with manta rays just before lunch. In the afternoon headed for kayaking and enjoyed a balancing oil massage before the formal four course dinner. It's easy to get used to because it feels energizing and relaxing at the same time, on the most beautiful dive boat I've ever been on. The crew could not have been more attentive and professional. The dive crew is exceptionally knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They did a great job pairing the right buddies in groups, based on their skills.

    20 July 2013: Anna, China

    Arenui is a great liveaboard. My friends and I will put it in our diving list; that means wherever Arenui goes we will follow.

    31 March 2013: Steve, USA

    This trip aboard the Arenui has been my best diving experience to date. I celebrated my 200th dive on this trip, while seeing a huge variety of marine life, from a newborn baby pygmy seahorse no bigger than a grain of rice, to seven metre giant mantas. And a pod of dolphins even escorted us back into Sorong harbour at the end of the trip. Well done! You offer a very high level of service for your guests. Your service level is a point of differentiation for the Arenui.

    13 April 2013: Franziska, Switzerland

    We felt like the first time with Arenui: in the 7th sky 'like in paradise'. Thank you for the special days with you and hopefully we will see you again for a third trip.

    26 April 2013: Heather, USA

    Another exceptional trip: crew is exceptional!

    16 May 2013: Kathy and Sheldon, USA

    We have had a spectacular adventure with all of you on the Arenui - you have set the bar for liveboards right out of the gate: very high quality. The meals were so delicious and the presentation was 'wow' each and every night. Our incredible stewards Anto and Bayu remembered us from the beginning, didn't mix up orders and made us fell like part of a family.

    16 May 2013: Kristin and Steve, USA

    Our first liveaboard and we loved it. Thanks for making sure we were safe and happy at all times. The crew; fantastic team! Made our trip fun and always insured we were content with all. Wouldn't change anything.

    13 April 2013: Katherine, UK

    Great veggie food.

    3 August 2013: Susie

    Great boat, would definitely seek it out. Loved the crew entertainment the last night. The diving; Ali's drawings of sites were great. The crew; service was outstanding in all departments. Great dive master (Wawan).

    31 March 2013: Judy, USA

    The single best dive trip I've ever had in my 20 years of diving! Would recommend to anyone! This trip was magical! The boat; the support staff is the best group I've ever had both liveaboard and land diving. I want to take them home with me!! The diving; guests do not know best - divemasters and hosts know best! Fantastic choices!! The crew; excellent is not a high enough rating. Best crew I've ever seen! The food; wonderful!

    26 April 2013: Ryan, USA and Eliza, Brazil

    Exceptional experience - truly a trip of a lifetime! Even for me that did not dive, it was an amazing experience! We would love to join you all again in another unforgettable journey. Thank you! The boat; beautiful boat and excellent facilities! Safe, comfortable, clean and very well decorated. Attention to detail is amazing. Also we can notice how well maintained it is. The diving; amazing experience! Beautiful location. The crew; it's clear that the success of Arenui is the combination of a beautiful boat, amazing dive sites and wonderful food. But what really stands out is the crew. They continually go above and beyond to ensure we are having the best possible experience. Courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful are a few of the words that can describe how wonderful their team is! Definitely keepers! The food; Putu and his team are geniuses! The best menu selection we have had in many years!

    13 April 2013: Louise, Denmark

    A perfect trip. Thank you so much guys. This journey will stay in my heart.

    26 April 2013: Barbara, USA

    I cannot return soon enough! The perfect blend of flexible, yet very well run and organised operation. My dive buddy had an accident and could not make the trip with me. However, I never felt odd or strange being on my own. Everyone was so wonderful and I had an amazing experience. The diving; there is not another place like Indonesia. I was so impressed! The crew; an absolutely fantastic cast of characters. You could tell that each and every person loved their jobs and were like a family. What a wonderful selection of people that truly made a team. The food; like dining in a five star restaurant each night!

    31 March 2013: Stacy, USA

    At 30+ minutes into Manta Sandy I was certain we were going to have more bad luck, but out of nowhere there was a shadow off to the right behind us and a single black reef manta entered the cleaning station. As we were the 'lazy' group we were alone there and we watched as the manta circled the station over and over for the next 12 minutes. On its final pass through the station it seemed to come toward us across the corals, then turn its wings and body up then down, swaying forward as if to bow and wave us goodbye. Then it left as silently as it came - an awe-inspiring experience. Thank you. Everyone did a wonderful job. Despite being on a liveaboard for over a week, we never felt cramped, on top of one another or overwhelmed. The crew struck the right balance of helpful or 'present' but not smothering!! The crew; everyone did a fabulous job - Wawan in particular was a wonderful divemaster! The tender drivers were always helpful and friendly, the stewards were very polite and helpful and the therapists became my local language tutors!! The food; chefs did a fabulous job: especially dealing with special requests!!